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Oral Communication

General overview

Oral communication in English -delivered to 2nd-year Students.

This is a course designed to enable the student to integrate into a multicultural workplace and to communicate efficiently in English. Whilst the course will touch on English grammar, vocabulary, tone and pronunciation, the primary focus will be on the skills of effective communication.

Working in teams, getting yourself heard, expressing opinions, methods of persuasion, argument, decision making and touching on differences of low and high context communication, time and uncertainty avoidance.

Skills targeted

Oral Communication in English.

  • Communication within Teams
  • Storytelling
    • Presenting yourself - SESSION 1 & 2
    • Presenting your ideas. SESSION 1 & 2
    • Presenting a project. SESSION 1 & 2
  • Work on tone, pronunciation and vocabulary SESSION 2
  • Debates, current events and discussions EACH SESSION
  • Cultural Influence, Precision, Formality SESSION 2
  • Dealing with questions  SESSION 3


Detailed course overview:


    • Group dynamics. EACH SESSION
    • Decision-Making SESSION 3
    • Communication within Teams High of Low Context  SESSION 2
    • Crises communication SESSION 5
    • How to disagree - ALL
    • Hierarchy and respect.SESSION 
    • Belbin
    • Your 2-minute story.
    • Methods of Persuasion Why verses How SESSION 7
    • Knowing how you sound – Future or Past Orientation. SESSION 1
    • Knowing your audience SESSION 9
    • Uncertainty avoidance. SESSION 9
    • Selling an idea, a project and yourself. SESSION 9 + 10
    • Your online presence SESSION 1 3 4
    • Managing Time ALL
    • Precision, formality and eloquence. ALL


Students will be subject to continuous assessment during the course.