Being a good negotiator within your own culture is a skill that many of us dream of having, it’s difficult. To negotiate across intercultural boundaries increases the difficulties exponentially.


If you need to negotiate across boundaries then you need a firm understanding of how different cultures work. This course has nothing to do with stereotypes, this is all to do with identifying the differences between your culture and that of your client, customer or colleague and then building that knowledge into your strategy.


This course includes a study of the pioneering work of Geert Hofstede into culture to explain how it works and how it affects us in its most rudimentary forms.  For example the attitudes towards leadership, hierarchy and power vary immensely between the Netherlands, France, and Japan where the Dutch think French are very hierarchical whilst Japanese considers the French egalitarian. So for the French businessperson negotiating in the Netherlands communication will skip layers in the organisation and such a system will be actively encouraged, there is therefore no problem with you negotiating with someone not in the same pay grade as yourself…BUT, try this in Japan and you will be destined to failure. 


Knowing how cultures work in comparison to your own is key in negotiation strategy. This course will therefore study the following;


  • Communication styles
  • Levels of politeness and feedback
  • The art of persuasion
  • Who makes the decisions and how
  • How to cultivate trust.
  • Disagreements
  • Time.


In addition to study of the theoretical knowledge about cultural differences there will be practical work to equip you with coping strategies for cross cultural negotiation.