Your training will look at three distinct areas:

Firstly, the art of persuasion itself, and it is an art, it is a business skill that you simply have to possess. Without this skill set you will have difficulty in bringing your ideas to fruition, selling your products or ensuring cooperation from colleagues or competitors. The art of persuasion is far from a universal skill; it is a skill that is culturally based. 

Secondly, who makes the decisions? Not only must you formulate your arguments to suit the target of your negotiations but also an understanding of who will make the final decision and how that decision will be made is also necessary if you are to be successful.

Thirdly - the art of communication itself. Why do they talk to me like a child? Why do they think I’m being secretive? You will have to consider all of these issues whilst speaking a foreign language – English!  This session however will help you to not just speak but to COMMUNICATE in English. Understanding why you appear secretive or they speak to you like a child will put you one step ahead of your competitors.


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