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Martin Baker
ALUMNI Section is now open
by Martin Baker - Sunday, 5 October 2014, 9:04 PM

Hello everyone,

I have just prepared the ALUMNI Section for the SaVOIR site.

 You can reach it on his link.

 What is an ALUMNI? Basically, it means a former student of a school, college or university and it can also mean a former member, employee or contributor or an organisation of company. However, in this case it means, my former clients.

 So what will the ALUMNI section do?

 Let me explain my thinking here... One thing I don’t like about teaching or lecturing is having to say goodbye at the end of the course. Often of course the clients want more sessions - which is not only fantastic, it is also great to know that I impressed enough that you wanted more. Sometimes, unfortunately it’s just not possible. But, for me, the responsibility doesn’t stop there and there are always new ways of explaining issues or new research that I wish I had known when I was involved with that client.

 So the ALUMNI section is a way of keeping in touch. It enables me to bring to your attention new research, new thinking and articles I have found from authors whose work I admire. The subject matter can be from any of the 3 strands of business covered by, Business English, Techniques of Presentations and of course Intercultural Management.

 Everything will be in English and some of it, especially the linked articles, will be in quite difficult language so if you don’t understand then just let me know and I will try to explain. Please feel free to write any comments after each article, I would love to hear your experiences especially about working interculturally.

 So, enjoy and I hope you find it useful.